Tuya eWeLink WiFi Smart Circuit Breaker MCB 1P 63A Power Energy kWh Voltage Current Meter Protector Voice Remote Control Switch

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Type: Mini

Origin: Mainland China

Rated Voltage: 220V

is_customized: Yes

Type: Circuit breaker


Is Smart Device: YES

Certification: CE

Rated Current: Max 63A

Tuya Over-under protection: 220-265VAdjustable)

Tuya Temperature protection: 40-150℃(Adjustable)

Tuya Power protection: 1-26KW

Tuya Undervoltage protection: 76-240V(Adjustable)

Tuya Rated Working Voltage: AC90-300V

EweLink Power Limit: 0.1~3300W (Adjustable)

EweLink Overload Power: 10~500000W (Adjustable)

EweLink Current Limit: 0.1~63A(Adjustable)

EweLink Overvoltage Protection: 0.1-1000V (Adjustable)

Frequency: 50/60Hz

APP: Tuya&Smart Life/eWeLink

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

We can offer OEM service to print your logo on the circuit breaker,

if you get any need, feel free to contact the seller!

Tuya Function:

1.Current Litmit(1-63A adjustable)

2.Power Limit(1-26KW adjustable)

3.Over-Voltage Protection(220-265V adjustable)

4.Unde-Voltage Protection(76-240V adjustable)

5.Temperature Protection(40-150℃ adjustable)

6.Energy Monitor

7.Timer Switch

8.Remote Control ON/OFF

eWeLink Function:

1. On/off Switch

2. Time Relay Switch

3. Voltmeter

4. Ammeter

5. Power Meter

6. Current Limit

7.Over current protection(0.1~63A), over voltage protection(0.1~1000V), Max power protection(10~500000w), min power protection(0.1~3300w).


1.Remote control at anytime from anywhere

2.Schedule/Timer/loop timer

3.Energy monitoring,Set power unit price ,can caculate house device power consumption,Download data to sheet

4.Preset power/current/voltage threshold values by app, Once the real-time power/current/voltage reaches the threshold values, The connected electrical appliances will be automatically turned off

5.Power on reaction: after the equipment is powered off and powered on again, the product can return to the state before power on,the device can also be set to the ON or OFF state after power on.

6.Working Voltage: AC90-300V

7.Mechanical Life: Over 100000 Times

8.Working Temperature: -25℃-70℃

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