Tuya Smart WiFi Switch With Power Metering Mini Smart Breaker Smart Life Remote Control Work With Alexa Google Home Yandex Alice

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Name: 16A WiFi Smart Switch

Voice Control: Alexa Google Home Yandex Alice

APP Control: Tuya Smart Life

Output: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Certified product: CE ROHS

Rated Power: 2200W

Rated current: 10A

Weight: 65g

Size: 39*88*35mm

Brand Name: UNSH

Compatibility: All Compatible

Model Number: 16A WiFi Smart Switch

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Communication method: WI-FI

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Certification: RoHS

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


1. 【Smart Control】Refit ordinary non-smart appliances or equipment into smart devices.

Such as refitting a desk lamp into a smart desk lamp, and the mobile phone can control the switch of the light. To turn the downlight into a smart downlight, you only need to connect a smart switch module to the switch, and then Alexa/Google assistant/yandex can control the light switch.

2.Voice controlSupport voice assistants such as Yandex alice, Alexa, Google Home, and realize functions such as switches; "Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights." You can turn on the lights in one sentence and enjoy a convenient smart life.

3. Mobile APP control.Control the device's power on and off, timing, countdown and other functions through the mobile phone. As long as the mobile phone has a network, the switch module at home can be controlled globally.

4. State memoryResume the power after the power failure, without worrying about the change of the equipment state, and maintain the state before the power failure.

5. Timing controlYou can control the switch, timing, countdown and other functions of the device through your mobile phone. This can be ordered: turn off the lights in the living room after 2 hours. 18:15 Turn off the oven. Turn on the boiler at 21:00. You can also time the device when you are not at home. (APP: Smart Life/TUYA Smart)

6.Group controlThe lights can be grouped to achieve unified control (simultaneous switching, timing, etc.);

7.The Internet of EverythingThrough settings, it can be linked with other smart scenes to make life smarter; for example, set the home scene: automatically turn on the living room lights, TV, and air conditioner.

8.Mini BodyDesigned 】88*39*23mm mini body, which is working with most of mounting boxes.It is not only small, but also powerful. it can be used for most of home appliances and lighting.



Output:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Input:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Wi-Fi:IEEE 802.11b/g/n


Certified product:CE ROHS

Rated current:10A

Rated Power:2200W



Package Included:

1*mini smart switch module



Q:How do I set the light to fast flash?

①Turn on the device, turn off the power after 10 seconds, and then turn on the power again.

②Long press the operation button 10 seconds.

③Confirm the indicator rapidly blink.

Q: How do I set the light to slow flash?

①Turn on the device, turn off the power after 10 seconds, and then turn on the power again.

②Long press the operation button 10 seconds.

③Confirm the indicator rapidly blink.

④Long press again the operation button for 10 seconds until the light flashes slowly.

Note: The new device will take 1 minute to connect to Wi-Fi and the Internet,

and if it's not connected for a long time, please check your Wi-Fi status.

Q: After adding the device successfully, shows is offline and out of control?

①It may be that the Wi-Fi password was entered incorrectly.

②It may be that the device is too far away from your router, that the signal is too weak, or that there is interference around.

③Check that MAC address filtering is turned on in the base of your router and, if so, please turn it off.

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